Ways of Paying Your Payday Loan

30/05/2012 14:30 Repayment of a loan to payday advances direct lenders is one herculean task. If the payment is not made on time than the baggage of interest rate and loan keeps on increasing. At the end of the month, when the time comes for payment and you are not able to pay your dues then you are left with two decisions:

  • Renewal of loan
  • Ask for another loan
This whole process goes on endlessly. Your finance is the first thing to be affected by this. Now you have to pay higher interest rates than previously required. This amount is sometimes more than you have taken in a loan.

It becomes very important to find ways of paying on time. Can't think of any! Here are few tips for you to follow:

  1. Try to bring reduction in your daily expenses.
  2. Cut expenses on cigarettes, alcohol or coffee if you are in the habit of taking them.
  3. Drink plenty of water instead of soft drinks or juices.
  4. Stop eating in restaurants.
  5. For grocery shopping, coupons and store reward cards are enough.
  6. Cut out beef and snack foods from your diet
  7. Prefer generic brands and avoid brands with popular names.
  8. Prevent food spoilage and utilise the food properly.
  9. Make use of public transportation or bike wherever possible
  10. Take part-time job to increase your income
  11. Plan for long term payday loan.