Cheap Payday Loans

22/06/2012 09:35

Just this morning I got a call from my friend. Her car broke down and she is in the middle of a desert. She has no car insurance and top that she has no cash at all. I too have no extra cash right now but as I have more access to everything I promised her i'll do something about it. So I started searching online for 1 hour payday loans. We need the cash today and it will be great to find some loan and get approved within the day.

I was very surprised to stumble upon a 1 hour payday loans as I didn't expect any service like this. I was expecting a payday loan that will get approved the same day but 1 hour payday loans just sounds so great. The requirements are basic and approval is almost guaranteed. My friend was so happy about the news and I had a towing company headed her way now.

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