Can We Get 1 Hour Payday Loans on Weekends?

15/06/2012 19:32

With the 1 hour loans no credit check is required. This is because the loan is provided to you only on complying with the criterion set by the money lending company. These criterions are that you should be employed and should be above the age limit of eighteen years. Also it is essential to have a bank account to accommodate the facility of the money lending company to deposit the requested loan within one hour of applying for the same. The money lent would then be deducted from your next payday check. The amount deducted would include the interest charged for the amount lent to you. This rate of interest would be a very small amount because the loan is provided as a short term loan. This loan could also be availed by the senior citizens who may not be employed but do have a regular source of income by way of a pension or a social security fund provided by the respective governments.


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