Busy Work Schedules Bring on Preference for Payday Loans Guaranteed No Fax

14/06/2012 19:31

When you have less than perfect credit history, it can be very difficult to get a loan from any traditional financial institution. But emergencies have no respect for our personal problems and when there's no money to pay for illness in the family or other such domestic crisis, you have to find the cash somehow. This is where 1 hour loans no credit check can come to your rescue because they were created for such situations. Better known as payday loans, apart from no credit check, you don't have to fax any document and if you apply for the loan online at the start of the day the money will be in your hands before the day ends.

When you apply to a direct lender online, you will receive your approval within one hour provided you meet the required criteria of being an adult citizen, employed and earning at least $1000 a month. You must also have a checking account while repayment of the loan should be done within 15-30 days as otherwise the interest you have to pay will keep rising.

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