Because Life is Full of Suprises

10/06/2012 11:03

Guaranteed payday loan is those loans that assure you of the cash fund you are going to acquire through the loan as it guarantees the loan approval. Guaranteed payday loans are provided to almost all those applicants who can meet the age requirement, job and checking account details including the minimum income limit. The information provided must be easily verifiable and must be correct to get the loan approval.

The loan amount is fixed by the lenders based on the income potential you have and you will be able to get a loan that ranges from $100 to $1500. Guaranteed payday loans are short term loans and are due on your next payday. These loans are charged with high rates as a means of securing the loan repayment and the rates are subject to be compounded if you roll the loan over. Loan defaults are advised to avoid as it may further your financial worries but increasing your bad credit rating and hindering from getting a loan from the direct lenders until you clear the first loan.

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