Avail Payday Loans with Guaranteed Acceptance

07/06/2012 09:08


If you're planning to apply for a loan, there are two types of lenders you will encounter: a direct lender and a loan broker. Loan brokers, as others would interpret it, are like loan advisers and they are also in charge of 'looking for the best loan company' for you, but approaching the direct lenders for payday loans is more advisable. Why is that so?

First, if you're going to the direct lender instead, the transaction is just between you and the loan company. No other parties are involved that's why the transaction is faster. Also, hiring a loan broker would cost you more. In most cases, loan brokers would charge you 30% of the amount you have borrowed. Also, application for loans through the direct lenders is easier and faster. You can apply for it either online or on the center itself. Making amendments with the direct lender is also more negotiable compared to brokers.